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For almost 25 years Brad has been remodeling homes, overseeing general construction projects and designing kitchens and bathrooms. He says the epitome of comfort and style depends on high quality design and the space meeting the individual’s style and functional needs. Brad is a licensed general contractor, a certified solid surface fabricator, and has continued industry schooling in the areas of lighting, ADA compliance, and color selection. He is a member in good standing with the National Kitchen and Bath Association. He holds a degree in Applied Science in Construction from SUNY Delhi, and is recognized by the National Association  of Home Builders for his work within the industry.

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Valerie Schueckler

Business Manager

Valerie has been a co-owner of Benchmark Kitchens since its inception in 1995. She performs all the daily accounting work and manages all the fiscal data for the business. She has a degree in Accounting from SUNY Binghamton. She has also held financial positions with several other local businesses.

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Emerald Lapier

Showroom Manager/ Design Assistant

As the Showroom Manager/Design Assistant, Emerald performs all the daily operating  functions for Benchmark Kitchens. She provides prospective clients with their initial introduction to our business and services.   Emerald has extensive customer service experience and has developed excellent rapport with our clients, our sub contractors and our  product vendors.  Emerald is a Berkshire County Native, with a background in Computer Assisted Design from McCann Technical High School.  

You can reach Emerald at buy Lamictal online without a prescription